Where to get your coffee this weekend

Where to get your coffee this weekend

The weekend is all about slowing down, relaxing and recharging. Hong Kong's coffee landscape is booming this year and there are lots of options out there! And we of course know the struggle of finding the right place to sip a good coffee, therefor we have made this small guide for you! The list of cafes is focusing on coffee quality and variations more than food. Have a great weekend! 

1. Duet Cups

Hung Hom

Tue to Sun 12-6PM

Duet Cups have a huge selection of coffee, specialty coffee, expresso and non-coffee drinks. They also have different comfort foods like waffles with bacon and banana and egg and bacon sourdough bread. But dont worry they also have cake! With its dark interior you will deficiently feel relaxed and comfortable!  

2. Lazzy Project

Shau Kei Wan

Wed - Sun 9:30 - 6PM

A cozy cafe that will make you feel like home. Drink one of their speciality coffees paired with one of their cakes. This is a place where you can bring your book and just sit there for hours to relax.


3. Pedestrian Coffee

Causeway Bay

Check their opening hours on their IG

After walking around a super crowded Causeway Bay during the weekend, a good cup of coffee and something sweet is the perfect break! 


 4. Hushush Coffee Division

Sai Kung

Wed - Sun 10:30-6PM

A perfect combination with coffee is a good vanilla ice-cream. Hushush is not only serving lots of interesting coffee combinations but also ice-cream and small dishes. The ice-cream comes with a small cookie that make the dessert super suitable for Instagram.



5. Oma specialty coffee

Tai Hang

Mon - Sun 8:30-6PM

Housemade Toast & Sourdough
Housemade Dessert & Jam 

Oma serves high quality speciality coffee and there is no lack of knowledge. This is the place where you can get to know everything you need and want to know about the coffee you are drinking. And if you are hungry while enjoying your coffee, dont worry, they have all day breakfast and toast with housmade jams. Their toast and sourdough is also made in house! 



6. Ziziseng

Tsim Sha Tsui

Tue to Sun 12-6PM

You want to have a coffee and maybe a tattoo at the same time? Why not combine them both and make good memories with your coffee! 


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