Best advent calendars for Christmas countdown this year

Best advent calendars for Christmas countdown this year

It is just a bit longer than two weeks left before December is here and the countdown to Christmas eve begins! There is a sea of advent calendars out there and only the fantasy will put a limit on what you can find. However, advent calendars is not a huge thing in Hong Kong as in Europe or US, but the trend is evolving! Find the calendar that fit you and enjoy the countdown to the big day! 


Who doesn't love some home spa? Lush have long been the leader within eco friendly beauty treatment, skin products, soaps, bathbombs and much more! The calendar is containing 25 different products to keep you excited about your self-treatment time. Products range from face masks, soap bars, bath bombs and more. Not to mention, the box is recycled, so there is no need to feel bad about the packaging! 

Price: 2800HKD


If you are the type that enjoy chocolate with booze, then this is the calendar for you! The calendars design is special and fun and offering 24 bites of joy. Not all bites contains booze but fun, interesting and delicious flavours. 

Price: 750HKD



A well know gummy and candy brand in Hong Kong, famous for their champaign gummies now have a calendar! With a super classic and innovative design this calendar is not only tasty but also fun and decorative!

Price: 488HKD

Wine Moments

If you are the type that to try new wines and explore the variety out there, this one is for you! Every day for 24 days you can try new wines and explore which brands to try further and maybe you get a new favourite. Order the calendar online.



Price: 1190HKD 

HK Brewcraft Christmas Creftbeer Advent Calendar

Dont like wine? No worries, HK Brewcraft got you covered! Try out 24 different mystery beers. The beers is selected by HK Brecraft. Get ready for christmas with beer!  


Price: Before 20.November 920HKD, after 20.November 1190HKD


Which one will you get this year??

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