Predictions of the year of the Ox

Predictions of the year of the Ox

There are a lot of predictions for the coming year, both generally and for each of the different zodiac signs. We have tried to make it more clear so you can prepare yourself for the coming year. 

The coming year has been described as the year of discipline. This is because the coming year will offer difficulties, however it can be easily overcome with some discipline. Getting through things this year will require a lot of effort, which should be taken into account. During the challenges most of the zodiac signs will be able to adapt and overcome the difficulties. 


It is said that the year of 2021 advocates fresh air from the mountains or countryside. Go there to recharge your batteries and stay healthy. As 2021 is the metal Ox year, this year refers to the lungs, which means that you should take care of your lungs and be cautious about respiratory infections. It is also mentioned that this year it's important to check for cardiovascular diseases, and if you are in risk of any issues related to your heart you should consult a doctor. 

As Oxes are hardworking, they tend to work long hours, forget meals and relax less. This year, take time to relax, calm down and aim to get back to a regular diet for better digestion. 

Love and relationships

The year of the metal Ox 2021 is a year of family and traditional values. When it comes to marriage, 2021 is the year to tie the knot. Marriages that started in 2021 are said to be durable, happy and stable. But keep in mind that this year can bring on some arguing, so keep calm and focus on having a healthy relationship. Single people could have a high chance of finding their soulmate this year. 

For the single Ox, you should try to find a Rat, as you are highly compatible. This match will create a stable, reliable and romance filled relationship. For the Ox in a stable relationship, this might be the year to discuss marriage. And lastly for the married Ox, this year will be filled with some arguments but keep it cool and focus on working on the marrige.

However, some zodiac signs like Tiger, Horse, Dog and Goat can experience some difficulties when it comes to social relationships because of excess anger. This can lead to irreversible damage. 

Economy and career

2021 is said to be a good year when it comes to career advancement, prosperity and business success. There might be some obstacles for all the zodiac signs, but success, luck and discipline will make the zodiacs ready to conquer anything this year. Dragons will gain huge profits this year and tigers and rabbits will gain a new income. 

When it comes to career for the Ox, this is the year to be brave and make changes and do their best to finish work tasks. It is also important to note that this year is not good for investment for the Ox. Be cautious with your money if you are an Ox. 

Lucky colours: 

White, Silver, gold, yellow, brown, red, green

Overall predictions: 

This coming year is a year filled with obstacles, complications and challenges, but all these can be conquered and create opportunities. This is the year where you can turn bad luck around and develop yourself. Take the challenge as an opportunity for better change. 

If you want to know more about the different zodiac signs and the Ox, here is some videos that can help you!



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