Pride is back in Hong Kong!

Pride is back in Hong Kong!

After years of being suspended do to political and covid restrictions, Pride is back in Hong Kong! This year it will be held in Kwun Tong on November 13th. The event will be held at The Wave, with booths with companies supporting the LGBTQ+ community and there will be sponsors, NGO's and pride activities. Don't forget about the instagrammable rainbow effects to take picture with! 

Why is pride important? Pride is a way for the LGBTQ+ community to create awareness, openness and acceptance about different sexualities. It is an important event for everyone, as everyone should be able to love who ever they want. Love is for everyone and accepting other peoples love is also extremly important. 

Events such as pride started to appear in the 1950s in the US and slowly became a annualy event in in 1965. After the years went on the tradition of Pride have expanded to all over the world. Today Pride Month is a huge thing and celebrated globally. It is supported by individuals, governments and companies. It is important work towards a more inclusive and accepting world. However, there is still countries that does not accept same sex relationships and marriages both legally and socially. Thats why we need to stand up love and the right to love whoever you want to. 

Find more information on Pride Hong Kong's Instagram and website!



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