Neighbourhoods in Hong Kong: Treasures of Sham Shui Po

Neighbourhoods in Hong Kong: Treasures of Sham Shui Po

Sham Shui Po is a neighbourhood in Hong Kong that have its own identity. It is a  neighbourhood deeply affected today by its history and that keep its traditions. SSP has a history as being the hub of fashion manufacturing and public housing. Today, the area is the most dense area with the highest percentage of low income households, elderly and new immigrants. There is lots of traces of the fashion industry, with streets filled with beats, fabrics and anything you need for fashion production. Even though the area is famous for being old, poor and not up to date, a change is happening. In the last 1-2 years, modern cafes is poping up and niche stores is emerging, making the area popular among the younger generation.  


Sham Shui Po is a HEAVEN for foodies! With local snacks on every corner, bubble tea shops, local restaurants, cha chaan tengs, fusion restaurants and the whole world of cuisine in one area. Let us suggest some places worth going to:  

合益泰小食 - Hop Yik Tai

Need some nice rice rolls, or cheong fun? This spot is the ultimate place! Famous for its rice rolls, and the line is always long here. Get a bowl with lots of sweet sauce, sesame sauce and toasted sesame seeds. 



坤記糕品專家 - Kwan Kee Store

There is a huge variety of desserts, cakes and snacks in Hong Kong. This shop sells some of the best desserts and cakes. They have traditional and cheap sncks on the go. Some of their famous items is the bowl pudding (made of brown sugar and red bean), black sesame cake and the white sugar cakes. Eat it straight from the plastic bag you get it in and enjoy on the go. 




One of the many coffee shops in Sham Shui Po that have emerged over the last year. Have a cake and a coffee after exploring the area. 




Sun Hang Yuen - New branch 

There are two of this restaurants in SSP that sells the famous corned beef egg sandwich. However, up your game and order the one with mala at their new branch! This combo is literally on fire! Egg, beef, crispy bread and mala! A place really worth going!



Parallel Space 

An exhibition venue that organises art activities and curate local artists. 


Garden Hill

If you fancy some good views, then Garden Hill is the place for you to check out! Only a 15-20 minutes hike up the stairs behind the youth hostel and you will experience one of the best views in the city.  




This place describe itself as a designer place with coffee, books, music and inspiration. Here you can see works of local artist, drink coffee, eat some cake and join workshops. 




Golden computer centre is the place in Hong Kong where you can get everything tech under one roof. Its packed of people, but that is the charm about this place. It is a place where anyone goes, old or young, rich or poor. Here you can find anything to any price. 


Shop liitle two

If you are looking for some awasome local vintage treasures, this is the shop to go to. The shop have everything you can think of from pictures, to cups, toys and anything you need and dont need. Go here to find your inner kid and some childhood memories. Be amazed by this fun store!


Siugreat Stationery

Stationary is something anyone can enjoy looking at. There is a sea of different things and good innovations. This shop specialises in pens and ink, all imported from Japan and Europe. 


Sham Shui Po have endless opportunities and things to explore. It's a area filled with culture and traditions. Even though the area is transforming to become more modern, its traditions gets new life in creative ways. 

Comment your best tips from Sham Shui Po: 


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