Made in Hong Kong: A Brand of Trust More Than Just A Label

Made in Hong Kong: A Brand of Trust More Than Just A Label

"Made in Hong Kong" (Made in Hong Kong) became famous in the mid to late last century. Benefited from the embargo on China, the capital to go south after the Kuomintang Civil War and Hong Kong's own free trade policy, Hong Kong's manufacturing industry developed rapidly in the 1950s and 1960s. . In 1967, there were 11,000 factories in Hong Kong, feeding 430,000 workers. Textiles, clocks, and plastic products were exported to Europe and the United States with well-known, outstanding reputation as "cheap and good quality" and "trustworthy".

The outstanding reputation or “HK Mark” doesn't come easy. There are Hongkongers who work hard in their professions to keep the label alive and pass their skill to generation after generation.

Let see 10 iconic products and brands that make us proud:

(圖片來源:La table de Starferry)

 As Washington cancelled the city’s special trading status in protest at Beijing’s sweeping new security law. Will the “Made in Hong Kong” label and sprite will soon fade away?

What does Made in Hong Kong mean to you? 



Photo Reference:
1. Camel vacuum flasks (
2. Holga camera (
3. Red A plastic homeware (
4. Li Chung Shing Tong Po Chai Pills (
5. Tuck Chong Sum Kee bamboo steamers (
6. Red White Blue bags (
7. Lee Kung Man undershirts (
8. Two Girls (
9. Watermelon Ball (
10. Nin Jiom Pei Pai Kao (


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