Some favourite Instagram profiles

Some favourite Instagram profiles

Tatsuya Tanaka has become one of my favourite artists ever since I spotted his instagram image of mini diorama-style figures “having” picnics under broccoli trees, i was amazed by the creativity and the fun he brought us, and excited to know that there are someone in the world also thing that broccoli really looks like a tree, just like me!! “Everyday occurrences seen from a miniature perspective can bring us lots of fun thoughts.” said Tanaka. So he decided to create a “MINIATURE CALENDAR” and post photos of his creation online just like a calendar, just to bring a little enjoyment to people’s life everyday and learn to see things in a different perspective.

An official Instagram created by Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre. Sounds boring? Take a look at their amazing photography of wildlife animals and creatures in Hong Kong, from the charm of a butterfly flapping its wings to many more creatures you might have never seen in your life!! Lung Fu Shan Country Park is located in the Central and Western District of Hong Kong, just a few minutes walk from The Peak, you are about to enter one of the most popular trails. Explore Fantastic Wildlife by screen through Instagram, let see whether you can find them at your next visit.

Oldhkincolour is colourising old photographs from Hong Kong. Old black and white pictures become colourful. The pictures range in age from early 20th century to 1960s, and they all tell stories from old Hong Kong. The pictures show everyday life in Hong Kong back in the days, and by adding colours the pictures gain more life. The account also has a picture of today from the same street or area that the old picture was taken. Showing the contrast of then and now really describes how Hong Kong has changed over the years. I like this account because it makes it easier for me to understand the history of Hong Kong and to compare it to my everyday life.

Another account I like is Instagrams own account. Instagram shares a wide variety of creative content. On the feed of Instagram you can find anything from crazy art, beautiful pictures, funny dogs and small businesses. Not only is it helping to promote different profiles, but it promotes creativity. Creativity and being your own self is something that is highly valued in today's society and I believe that inspiration to find oneself and have fun exploring different ways of self expression is important. Have a look at instagrams own profile and get inspired to go out and explore the world.

The last account is Streetphotographersfdn. Street photography is a very diverse category of pictures, but again it's about capturing the everyday life of people, animals and all other things.The account shares pictures of different photographers from all over the world. The pictures capture random moments that make incredible pictures. The account makes you think, but also have a laugh that something can happen so coincidentally.

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