Hong Kong based photographers you should follow on Instagram

Hong Kong based photographers you should follow on Instagram

"A picture is worth more than a thousand words"

Photography is an important part of our daily life. A picture will tell you more than a text but can also be interpreted differently from person to person. Photography is an important tool to convey a message, a feeling, capturing a valuable or important moment, telling a story and much more. 

There are as much different photography styles as there are humans. A camera will be used different by each individual and same goes for editing. There are different categories like digital art, lifestyle, documentary, art or portrait. 

Hong Kong is a paradise for photographers as it is a vibrant city, where east meets west, where old meet new and the passion is strong. This gives the creative souls in Hong Kong plenty of opportunities and it is shown through their work. 

Here are some of our favourite photographers in Hong Kong. Give them a like and follow!  

































Who is your favourite Hong Kong photographer on Instagram? 


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