Escape the heat with a trip to the cinema: 8 movies to watch this month

Escape the heat with a trip to the cinema: 8 movies to watch this month

Things are finally opening up and the cinema is now open (finally)! It's also a great way to escape the Hong Kong heat during summer, as well as seeing a new movie. even though the movie scene around the world has had a break, some movies still made it to the cinema. Here are some movies you should watch this month! 

My Indian Boyfriend

Release date: 27/5

Language: Cantonese and Hindi

Preview: Golden Scene 20/5, 22/5

The first ever Indian-style movie from Hong Kong. The movie is about a Hong Kong girl and an Indian boy falling in love. They experience their different cultures, and the difficulties of their traditional families. It showcase the drama caused by racial discrimination and social-cultural differences. Its a movie that promise tears, joy, laugh and happiness. 

Another Round 

Release date: 27/5

Language: Danish

The main character Martin and his three friends want to test out a theory that everyone should have a bit of alcohol in their blood at all times. It is said that this would foster creativity, open our minds, and let go of problems. All the four men is working at a high school as teachers, and they see improvement in their work after testing the theory. However, will an increase in units make it better or worst? The alcohol affects the men differently and they realise the positive and negative sides alcohol. 


77 Heartwarmings

Release date: 14/5

Language: Cantonese 

Eva sees people split up for all kinds of reasons as a divorce lawyer, but she hasn’t seen much proof of true love in the real world. Suddenly, Eva finds herself caught between three suitors: Her ex-boyfriend, Adam; Marvel, a mysterious street artist; and NT Deng, an eccentric billionaire. Who will successfully warm her heart?


Fast and furious 9 

Release date: 2/4

Language: English

Fast and furious is a classic action movie everyone like, and now the ninth one is out! This time Dominic Toretto and his crew join forces to battle the most skilled assassin and high-performance driver they've ever encountered, his forsaken brother. 


The Mauritanian

Release date: 1/5

Language: English

A movie worth seeing, about fighting for freedom and the right to a fair trial. Its based on a true story about Mohamedou Ould Slahi. The main character is captured by the US government and taken to Guantanamo Bay without trial. He is a suspected 9/11 terrorist and a defence attorney and her associate start investigating his case and want to get him a fair trial. They uncover shocking things about the conditions of the prison. 


Wife of a spy

Release date: 20/5

Language: Japanese


At the beginning of WWII, a Japanese businessman uncovers a disturbing government secret while traveling to Manchuria. When he gets back home, his wife supports him and do everything in her power to ensure his safety and keep their happiness. 


I still remember 

Release date: 20/5

Language: Cantonese

Chi is a lousy real estate agent who muddles through life. Growing up, his mother has always told him to lead a simple life, until he reunites with his primary school P.E. teacher, Mr Wong.Mr Wong, who’s been increasingly ill, wants to keep his promise to his late wife to finish a 10k race; At the same time, his student, an overweight student called Tin Sum aims to finish her first ever 5k race just so she can run with her idol. As Mr Wong and Tin Sum fight for their goals, Chi, discouraged, stands at a cross road and roams aimlessly in life.Until one day, memories from 20 years ago light up Chi’s world. For once in his life, Chi swearsto cheer himself on!

Food luck

Release date: 6/5

Language: Japanese

If you love grilled meat or yakiniku, this is the movie for you! The main character Yoshito Sato, a food critic, travel around to Tokyos restaurants for the best meat. He is grown up in a yakiniku restaurant run by his mother and when he start working for a foodie blog his memories of his mother restaurant comes back. 

Which one will you watch? 

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