Beyond the Dream (幻愛):The perspective of social issues through movies

Beyond the Dream (幻愛):The perspective of social issues through movies

The humanistic spirit of Hong Kong films can be said to be a fine tradition. From the first golden period between 1950s - 1960s, to the new wave in 1970s and 1980s, to the emergence of Hong Kong films in1990s. Every year, many humanistic film works won awards both locally and internationally.

Humanism means " basic value of benevolence and fraternity ideologically. Including Freedom of Personal interest, dignity, thought, tolerance and non-violent coexistence between people, etc." The humanistic film focus on the disadvantaged groups within the society. Express the dissatisfaction of social injustice, corruption and totalitarianism. This tradition is not so much inherited from Chinese films as it is indirectly inherited from the "May Fourth" New Culture Movement.

"Beyond the Dream" recently won the Best Adapted Screenplay at the 57th Taiwan Golden Horse Award , directed by Chow Kwun Wai 周冠威, a young director who also the director of "Ten Years" .The story tells about the love a young mental patient, and a mental health counsellor who handles his illness. It is a taboo love in itself. Editor writes about the struggle of people with mental illness who also deserve a normal, healthy love relationships like everyone else and the unaccepted relationship by social ethics. With a box office of more than 15 million, this movie is a masterpiece of Hong Kong-produced movies.

2020 has been a tough one for the Hong Kong Movie as well as many other industries. I hope that filmmakers who care about local culture will continue to work hard to inherit the humanistic spirit of Hong Kong-produced films. 


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