Beat the heat at these 8 dessert shops this summer!

Beat the heat at these 8 dessert shops this summer!

Summer in Hong Kong is no joke... It is a hot mess with buildings blocking the wind and heating up the air, as well as the dreadful humidity. But luckly theres dozens of  dessert restaurants that could help cool down. There are a sea of different type of dessert shops here, ranging from local chinese desserts, award winning dessert restaurants, take away only shops, vegetarian, flavour themed places, desserts from all over the world and what ever your mind can imagine. Desserts is a perfect way of cooling down in the heat, not only is the dessert cold but the restaurant also have AC which is crucial during the summer. Here is some suggestions for you to escape to this summer!

康瑞甜品 - Hong's Dessert

If you like taro balls, then we have found the spot for you! This place specialises in taro balls and serve them with herbal jelly. Even though they are having desserts on the traditional side, its a place worth exploring. 

Location: Sham Shui Po 

 Dream Tofa

Being in Central during summer can be hot, but this place serve chilling desserts that will satisfy your sweet craving and cool you down! Even though this place serve the traditional tofu pudding, they have added modern flavours to the classic Hong Kong dessert. You can include anything from chocolate, taroballs and mango.   

Location: Central, 1 Lyndhurst Terrace 


Craving some matcha desserts? UJI-EN is the perfect place! Famous for their matcha desserts and noodles! They also offer seasonal specialties to fit the seasons ingredients. 

Location: TST - Harbour City

Gram cafe & pancakes

Pancakes is always a winner! Head to TST for some yummy pancakes of your choice! Get anything from tiramisu pancakes, to strawberry cream to caramelised bananas. They also offer savoury pancakes if someone is not up for the sweet stuff. 

Location: TST - The One 

Nun Korean Desserts 눈

In the mood for a real sugar rush? These desserts is literally going to give you diabetes (joking)! But they will deficiently fill you up with joy! Serving up crazy shaved ice, waffles and drinks, all with lots of different flavours. Don't be scared by all the colours! 

Location: Mong Kok - 119 Tung Choi Street

Meet Fresh 鮮芋仙香港

This popular Taiwaneese dessert chain is popping up around Hong Kong. Their shaved ice is their popular item. It is filled with different sweet, chewy, beany, tasty and jelly things. With ice-cream and sauce that ties everything together, its worth the long wait. Because, you definently have to wait for a long time to get a seat here. 

Location: Several Locations


There are many places to get gelato in Hong Kong, but this place is something special. They have many flavours to choose from, AND they let you taste before you choose! There is also desserts like pasties and cakes, including tiramisu. A good place to go if you want to have some European flavours. 

Location: TST - 176 Nathan Road

Auntie Sweet

Sometimes a classic Hong Kong dessert shop is a good place to just go, hang out and find a familiar menu. A menu filled with mango flavoured desserts, traditional desserts, and shaved ice. 

Location: Causeway Bay - 13 Tsing Fung Street 


We hope the list will help you cool down and not get a heatstroke this summer! If you have any dessert shops to share with us, shoot a comment below! 

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