10 things to do at home this Christmas during Hong Kongs 4th wave

10 things to do at home this Christmas during Hong Kongs 4th wave

On Tuesday 9. December the government announced that there would be a tightening of the social distancing measures. The rules included closure of gyms, beauty parlours and ban on dine-in after 6 pm. Which means that this season we have to spend more time at home and with our family. However, spending time at home during Christmas can be more fun than you think and it is the time to share valuable time with the family (even though most people have been the whole year). If you don't know what to do this Christmas at home to get into the Christmas spirit, don't worry! We got you covered, here are 10 things that will make your home into a Christmas wonderland. 


Bake cookies and decorate gingerbread house

Something that really brings on the Christmas spirit is the smell of hot gingerbread! Gingerbread is the synonym for Christmas and should be enjoyed during the season. So why not make the gingerbread yourself and decorate them at the same time. Another thing to do is to decorate a gingerbread house. The house could either be home made or be bought at different stores around the city. 

Some stores that have the perfect selection of gingerbread decorations, houses and cookies:

City Supper 

Sverige Shoppen 




Make homemade decorations

DIY is something everyone can do and there are no limits to what you can do! Something that is super cute and fun is homemade Christmas decorations. It might sound like an activity for kids, but adults also need some time to be creative and to not think about anything else than what glitter to put on a santas hat. 

Below we have found some suggestions for you! Here is both fun, childish and easy decorations as well as more adult and interior design inspired decorations. 





Watch all the classic Christmas movies

What is Christmas without some Christmas movies? and what better time to do a Christmas movie marathon than when you can't go out? As with anything else Christmas, there are ENDLESS options when it comes to Christmas movies. However, there are some classics you should watch. Below we have linked a couple of lists that we think cover most of the important movies to watch to get into the Christmas spirit. 




Play board games

Another way to spend time and have a good time together is playing board games. This is something that everyone can do and there is a huge variety of games out there. Board Games is also a good way to let the competitive instinct out. 

One game that is not directly a board game is playing a package game. The game is like this. If you are a group of people, everyone brings a gift, which could have a price cap of 20HKD. This gift needs to be wrapped so you can't tell what is inside. So when starting the game, everyone put the gifts in the middle of the table. You need a dice to play and a timer. First round, everyone rolls the dice. The first one starts and the turn will move clock-vise. The ones who get the number 6 can pick a gift. HOWEVER, do NOT open the gift. Just leave it on the table. When all the gifts are taken, then the second round starts. Before starting, set the timer to 10-15minutes (or longer) depending on how many people play. When the time starts, the first one starts rolling the dice. If the person gets 6, he/she can take the gift from another person. It is the next person if the dice is not 6 or after the person has stolen the gift. Then the game goes on like this until the bell goes off. There will be fights, discussions, and one gift will definitely be more popular than another! When the bell rings, the people with gifts have won their gifts and the people without loss. It is now time to open the gifts! And this is the fun part! What if the most popular gift was toilet paper? This game is really fun and people can get very creative with their gifts. 

Video call friends

December is usually the month when friends meet and have the annual Christmas dinner together. However, this year things are different and meetings have been cancelled. BUT we do live in the digital world and why not have a Christmas dinner together online! Cook with friends, eat with friends, drink with friends or why not watch movies with friends? Everything is possible and only the imagination can stop you. 

Try some new recipes

Christmas is the time to eat a lot. So why not try out some new Christmas recipes. There are many fun and interesting dishes, desserts, drinks and cakes out there, and now is the time to try something new! There are endless options out there to try, just a quick google search for Christmas dishes 2020 and you will be overflowed with options. Why not try making a traditional Christmas dish from another country? In this way you both have something to do, have a bit of Christmas at home and travel! Win Win! 

One suggestion to make is mulled wine! Mulled wine is made differently all over the world. However, one main point, hot wine! Here is a suggestion for mulled wine!

Start by boiling ginger, star anise, carnation, orange peel, bay leaf and vanilla sticks. let this mix boil for and drain the mix but remember to get all the vanilla in the mixture. 

When the spice water is drained and there's no spices in it, pour it into a pot and add dark brown sugar and boil until the sugar is dissolved. When the sugar is dissolved, pour it into a measuring jug. Now either pour the mixture into a big bottle or smaller bottles. If smaller bottles, it should contain about 2dl, which is what is needed per 1 bottle of red wine. 

When preparing the rest of the mulled wine, pour one bottle of wine in a pot together with 2dl of the home made mixture into a pot. Now heat it up and remember not to boil it! The mulled wine can be served with nuts, raisins and fruit. 


12 dl water 

3 cinnamon sticks

1 lump fresh ginger (like the thumb)

3 star anise

10 cloves

2 oranges (peeled only)

2 bay leaves

2 fresh vanilla sticks

500 grams of brown fresh sugar

Read a good book 

During Christmas nothing feels better than sitting under the blanket, drinking a cup of warm chocolate and reading a good book. Books can transfer you away from the current covid situation and forget about the bad going on, or the fact that you can't be with friends and family. 

Need some tips on what to read? Here are 3 lists that might help you!

The Guardian




The New York Times 


Online gift shopping

And now over to one of the most exciting parts! Online gift shopping! As there are restrictions outside, it's time to take the gift shopping home. Go online and get all the gifts you need from your lap! 

Do you need any gift for your loved ones, for example brother, boyfriend, husband, friend, yourself, we got you covered. Right now you can buy any 2 products, and get our Hong Kong Side Split tee to 25 % off. We ship within 24 hours and offer free shipping within Hong Kong. Our FW20 collection is perfect for the current season and comes with windbreaker, pants and tees and all in the sizes S, M, L and XL. 

Decorate your home

One of the most fun things to do for Christmas is decorating the home. There is endless opportunities to have to decorate your home, and it can be turned into an activity for the whole family or just by yourself. There are also several places in Hong Kong that you can find decorations, and again only the imagination that sets the limitations. 

Elf on the shelf

The elf on the self is a widely known concept of an elf in northern Europe. This is as much an activity for the parents as it is for kids. This elf will do some pranks around the house every night and the kids/husband/wife/GF/BF will wake up and find that the Elf have pulled some pranks. It can be simple, its just for fun. Usually a hit among families. Here is a list of ideas: 


45 tips til Rampenissens rampestreker! – Monica Bjerkelund

So which activity will you be doing at home?  







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