6 Noodle restaurants that will make you happy

6 Noodle restaurants that will make you happy

There are unlimited type of noodle dishes out there, as many variations as there is people. And we all love Tam Jai, but sometimes we want to try something else, right? And Hong Kong flourish with noodle places that need to be tested out!

大家食 Eat together 

Location: Mong Kok, Sham Shui Po, To Kwa Wan, Jordan

Price Range: $

Eat Together is a smaller chain that not everyone is aware of or maybe don’t even remember exist! And this place is worth trying out! They serve both rice and noodles, but mostly famous for their noodles. Choose your noodles (which most of them is hand made), soup and toppings. The soup in this place is tasty and rich, compared to other places. The toppings is of high quality and you will get a generous portion of each topping. A recommendation is the panfried chicken and dong po pork, you will not regret choosing any of these! The price is good and you will definitely feel satisfied after visiting this place.  


Location: Sham Shui Po, Jordan, Cheung Sha Wan, Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung, 

Price Range: $

This is the perfect place for you if you like to have dry noodles! With a great selection in the menu none will find something they like. The menu is divided into soup noodles and dry noodles. There is also different type of noodle to chose from ranging from ramen noodles, potato noodles, udon and much more. Chose your toppings and spicy levels to make the perfect bowl of joy. The price is good for the amount of food you get and the ultimate comfort food!

麵尊 Min Jun

Location: Causeway Bay

Price range: $

Another type of noodle that is a classic Hong Kong style noodle is the cart noodle! With more traditional ingredients and style, try this place for a real Hong Kong experience. Min Jun serve the popular and cheap noodle. This place is also new and the restaurant is stylish. Here the menu is extensive and there are many toppings to chose from ranging from blood pudding, chicken-wings, radish and much more (which make it a difficult choice!)! Choose the noodle and broth with toppings! A perfect place for the ones who is on a budget!


唯一雲貴川風味 - Yunnan Guizhou & Sichuan Noodle

Location: Tsuen Wan and Hung Hom 

Price range: $

If you like sour spicy noodles, this is the place! With a think soup filled with lots of goodies this is the ultimate soul-warming food! You can adjust the spiciness and sourness to fit your preference and again choose from a huge variety of toppings! Some of the popular toppings include chicken-wings, dumplings (these are huge!) and spicy pork! The location is a bit hidden in a side street, so don't give up if you don't find it right away!  


Location: Yuen Long

Price range: $

This place was stumbled over on Instagram and the only reaction was WOW! Satay beef noodles is a classic Hong Kong dish and each place make it differently. Even though it is using instant noodles, it is something we all love. But this place have a rich satay sauce and a good serving of the sauce (we all want more satay sauce)! Take a trip to Yuen Long and try out this beautiful bowl of yumminess!

666 Boat Noodle Pro

Location: Sai Ying Pun / HKU 

Price Range: $




Which noodle restaurant is your favourite? We would love to hear! Share some yumminess with us! 

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