Where to get foreign groceries in Hong Kong

Where to get foreign groceries in Hong Kong

Covid have made it difficult for us to travel and to explore the world and unfortunately it seems like it wont be going back to normal anytime soon. When traveling one of the most important things to do it to eat local food. The traditional food tells you a lot about the people, culture and history. But how to taste different, new food when you cant travel? There is a solution! As Hong Kong is a international city with people from all over the world, both big and small countries, there is a lot of different foreign grocery stores in the city! The perfect place to shop the ingredients you need to try out that recipe from Russia or the dessert from Italy. Or maybe you just want to try some French or Swedish snacks while watching international movies. We have made a list of different online and retail stores where you can get some non-local food! 


This is a online store that sell East European food!


Want some russian food? See no longer, with a huge variety this online store deliver straight to your home. 

Sverige shoppen

An actual retail store and online store selling Swedish food! Everything you need from dry ingredients, frozen food and seasonal food. 


We have all been there, but if you want cheap swedish food, this is the place!

Mr. Meatball

Another Swedish retail shop and online store selling frozen Swedish food! 

Norway House, abcmarket.hk

An online store selling Norwegian snacks, dry food and frozen food. 

Indo Market

There is lots of stores selling Indonesian food but this is one recomended by many. Buy some ingredients for your indo feast at home! 

New world market

Korean food is always a hit! And their huge variety of food is worth exploring when you can travel! Take a look at this webshop and get yourself cooking and snacking. 


Did you know there is about 25.000 french people in Hong Kong? This means theres many french retailers around the city. This online store is one of the bigger ones! Selling anything you need for your kitchen!


Who dosent like Italian? Its tasty, classic and healthy! Check out this online store and create your own pizzeria or pasta restaurant. 


Another Italian online storer filled with delicacies that would make you love italian cooking!  


Where do you get your ingredients and food from other countries? Comment below and lets share tips with each other! 

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