Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog!

The culture of Hong Kong and the Hong Kongers goes hand in hand. They have shaped each other to the way it is today. We believe that it is important to talk about the culture of Hong Kong to keep it alive. Several things that are important for culture and heritage in Hong Kong are slowly disappearing. The blog will therefore be a place where these things are remembered. 

The purpose of this blog is to tell stories from Hong Kong, as well as appreciating Hong Kong’s history, heritage and identity. Hong Kong is our home and we love our home. We will share stories, talk about things that are shaping Hong Kong's identity and everything else about Hong Kong, nothing too big, nothing too small. By cherishing the culture of Hong Kong we believe that the Hong Kongers can keep the spirit up. 

We hope you enjoy reading our blog.

If there is anything that you want us to write about let us know! We want to hear what you like!



Picture: Kdwk Leung - Unsplash
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