M+ is finally opening in November

M+ is finally opening in November

After years and years of planning and construction, M+ is finally opening this November. It is the first global museum of contemporary visual culture and will contain over 6.000 different pieces. To celebrate the opening the admission fee is waived for Hong Kong residents for 12 months! The building is designed by Swiss architects and is a mix of several modern materials that brings the light into the different spaces. 

M+ is a 65.000 square feet that includes galleries, art spaces, shops, cafe, restaurants, and lots more with the purpose of creating discussion, a space for learning, reflection and last but not least enjoyment and entertainment. There will be a total of 33 galleries and several public display spaces. The museum will also have outdoor areas with amazing view of Victoria Harbour. Head to the Rooftop Garden and the Horizon Terrace to embrace the view. 


A part of the museum is the Curator Creative Cafe M+, which is a lifestyle brand that brings art into daily life. The cafe have drinks, ice-cream, asian-influenced gourmet bites and snacks. The drinks have a special and unique artistic twist that is worst experiencing. 

A big part of the museum is dedicated to Hong Kong local artists. One of the opening artists is Tsang Tsou-choi, also known as the King of Kowloon. His works have been widely discussed and characterised as visual arts, calligraphy or even vandalism. Which is what art is about, creating debate. 

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