Interesting videos to watch on YouTube

Interesting videos to watch on YouTube

We have all been there, bored and only Youtube to help you out. Suddenly you are digging yourself deeper into the world of Youtube and find yourself lost in videos of cats, mukbangs, old tv-shows someone illegally uploaded or DIY videos. However do not despair we have found some good videos for you to watch! Videos ranging from conspiracy theories, to traveling and all the way to food experiments. 


The REAL Reason McDonalds Ice Cream Machines Are Always Broken

Ever been to a McDonalds and wanting ice-cream but the staff say the machine is down? Yeah, we have all got the sad message. There is a guy who started investigating this, and is a famous Youtuber named Johnny Harris. Check it out and learn how the modern business world actually works!

The TikTok Murder Cleanup Team 

One channel on Youtube with killer content is Vice. They produce high quality videos with is informative and interesting. The video is diverse and the topics is catching your attention. Why not learn more about those who clean up after deaths and murders?  

The 10-Year Hunt for the Lost McDonald's DS Game

Want something super strange and something you probably never heard about? Then this is the video for you! Ever heard about the McDonalds training game? We didnt either, so take a look at this interesting video!

Why Wagyu Beef Is So Expensive 

We all have big and small questions in life. One of them might be why the wagyu beef is so expensive. Business insider would help you get answers. This channel answers questions, take up topics about the society and shed light on issues in the world. 


Wife Threatens To Leave Unless He Stops Injecting | Real Life Hulks

Looking for some videos where your brain is thinking "WHY", then TLC is the place for you. The channel have unlimited strange content about people, places and just anything strange. You can start with this guy injecting chemicals into his muscles.

Eating the World’s Worst Diet for 7 Days

This video is similar as the world famous documentary Super Size Me, which is all about getting all the fast food you can get. Two guys go two extreme ways, one eat totally clean for a week, the other one only eat fast food. Interested to see how it turns out? Check out the video below! 

What is the strangest, most fun or most interesting Youtube video you have watched lately? Comment your favourite and share with us! 

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