Where to go to the gym in Hong Kong

Where to go to the gym in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is experiencing a fitness wave and new gyms is appearing up in all districts. Hong Kongers is starting to see the value of keeping fit, move regularly and overall understanding the mental benefit of moving the body. There is a wide variety of type of gyms, we have made a list of some of the most popular, convenient and basic gyms. 



One really popular fitness branch that focuses on 45 minutes HIIT workout classes. Get good results working out in groups! They have several branches all over Hong Kong and the world!  


24/7 Fitness 

The most famous 24h gym in Hong Kong, and deficiently the chain with the most locations! They offer personal training and have memberships including monthly subscription, half a year and a year. They uses face recognition as key so you can enter any branch anytime, perfect for people that's always on the move. 


Snap fitness

Another 24h gym! A bit fewer branches than its competitors in Hong Kong, however their membership allow you to enter any branch all over the world! Offering classes and personal training, this gym got everything you need.


Go24 Fitness

 One of the many 24h open gyms in Hong Kong. With several locations over the city and more coming. Different from other 24h gyms is that they also offer group classes. They have memberships ranging from a month, six month and 12 months. 



Pure Fitness 


One popular higher end chain in Hong Kong, which offer an impressive range of classes and training. They have several branches including yoga branches. They have high quality equipment and highly professional personal trainers. And not to forget, their TST location have an amazing view!


Goji Studios


One chain that have several locations and huge spaces! They have a huge variety of classes to join that fit anyone. Their equipment is up to date and they offer all the necessities you need for your workout. However, they are not a 24h gym and you need to pay extra to have access to all branches. 


Anytime fitness



One more of the gyms that is open 24h! Anytime fitness is a global chain and finally have opened in Hong Kong and expanding. They offer personal training to help you get going. 




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