Things to do in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year

Things to do in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is a long holiday in Hong Kong and this gives an opportunity to explore the city. Even though the holiday is affected by covid there are still many things to do! We have listed some good options to keep yourself busy during the holiday.

RestaurantsHong Kong is the best city to explore the huge variety of food! It's the perfect opportunity to explore the different neighborhoods and find some good food! Different neighborhoods have different characteristics. If you want to try some Neplai food, Jordan is the place and if you want to try some Korean food, TST is the right spot! Don't forget italian in Central! 

Another thing to try is the Chinese New Year tasting menu offered by the different restaurants. This is the ultimate way to try some traditional food, but also a mix of new and traditional tastes. Most restaurants offer takeaway also!

Enjoy going out for a breakfast at a cha chaan teng or join friends for a long brunch that normally you wouldn't do. 

Remember that there are still restrictions on dine-in after 6pm until 17. February. 


As we can't travel, nature is our next option. Hiking has become increasingly popular in Hong Kong the past year and we get why! There is fresh air, you will feel close to nature and get some exercise.

There is a huge number of different places to go hiking in Hong Kong. There are different levels on the hiking routes, which means that anyone can find a route that fits them. There is also a lot of variation when it comes to the scenery of the hikes. 

Some suggestions is: 

Dragons Back 

Lantau Peak

Garden Hill 

The Peak (up down or both)

Monkey Hill

And don't forget! Don't leave trash in the forest! As it is getting more normal to find masks left in nature, we all have to step it up and don't pollute nature! 

Visit temples 

One of the most important traditions during Chinese New Year for many is to visit temples to wish for good luck in the new year. The most busiest temple in Hong Kong  is the Wong Tai Sin. Be reminded that temples might have different opening hours this year! Wong Tai Sin temple will not be open on New Years eve, which has not happened since the temple was built, it will also operate on 50% capacity during this year's CNY. So keep yourself updated on opening hours of the different temples. 

Flower market 

Having flowers in the house for CNY is important, and there are several ways to get your hands on some beautiful decorations. Some ways to buy beautiful flowers this year is to go to Victoria Park where the normal CNY market takes place. However, this year there are less vendors, crowd control and other social distancing measures in place. Another place to go is the flower market in Mong Kok, which is filled with colorful flowers, plants and trees in any shape. 

Chinese New Year seeds for snacking

Snack shopping

Holidays are synonymous with snacks! To indulge in snacks, we need to buy it first!  Different shops will have different products, and there is a sea of snacks that is special for the Chinese New Year season. 

Do a staycation

Sometimes it's good to escape everyday life and normality. Take some time this holiday to do a staycation at a place where you can relax either with your loved one or your family. Remember, valentine's day is at the same time as the new year holiday. 

Join virtual tours and events

As there's still social distancing measures in force, many events and tours is moved online. There are lots of alternatives that fit anyone out there. By joining the online events and tours, you not only get entertainment but you also support local businesses. You can find anything from art galleries, local history tours, running races and live cooking classes. Here are some examples for youØ

  • Hard as nayls race - running race
  • @ilikefishballs - Foodie guide
  • Filter off - Online speed dating
  • Hong Kong Art Festival

Celebrate valentine's day 

The day of love is approaching, and this year its within the Chinese New Year holiday. Again because of the restrictions, there are limitations. But, Valentine's Day is the day to show your loved one how creative you can get. Do a day trip somewhere, go to a workshop, book a staycation, stay home watching movies safely, go to restaurants during daytime, basically let your creativity free and impress your better half! Here are some inspiration ;)

  • pottery workshop
  • go-cart
  • strawberry picking
  • night hike 
  • camping
  • cooking class

Visit CNY market

Explore hk with bus and mtr

Its almost impossible to have been everywhere in Hong Kong. There are almost an unlimited number of bus routes in the city, and it is impossible to have taken them all. Try explore the city and places you have not been this holiday. Take a random bus and find new places, take the mtr to stops you never been to. There is also some bus routes that offer extraordinary views here are some examples: 

  • Bus route number 15 - The Peak
  • Bus route number 6 and 14 - Stanley 
  • Bus route number  94 - Sai Kung 
  • Bus route number  6  - Shek O 
  • Buss from Tai O to Tung Chung
  • Bus route number  260  - Stanley

Join tinder 

Feeling lonely this holiday? Or just want to meet some new people, be adventurous or get some new friends? Why not download tinder? Even though tinder has a bad reputation and maybe some even an embarrassment to have on the phone, it can potentially lead to a boyfriend/girlfriend or maybe just a friend! And during the holidays people actually have time to meet up!   

Picnic outside

Something that is super popular in the city is going on picnics! Why not enjoy the perfect weather that we are currently experiencing and go outside to enjoy a breakfast, lunch, dinner or just stay the whole day outside? Here are some parks and outdoor areas that is perfect for picnics: 

  • West Kowloon art park
  • Victoria Peak Garden
  • Tamar Park
  • Lai Chi Kok Park
  • Tai po waterfront
  • Yuen long park 
  • Inspiration Lake

Stay home 

Last but not least, stay at home! Being home during the pandemic is definently the most safe and comfortable. At home, relax, read a book, watch movies and tv-shows, find a new hobby or just sleep!


We hope that this list will help you find something to do during the holiday! 






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