MIGO Christmas Gift Guide

MIGO Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is getting closer and closer! However, there is still time to get the last gifts ready before the big day! To make the shopping easier for you we have prepared some ideas for we think you will like! We hope this list will make it easier for you to get the perfect present! 

GIFT4HIM (NOW - 25th December)

If you buy 2 items from our website you will get our Hong Kong Side Split tee with 25% OFF! This means you can mix and match the products you prefer. Here are some tips to mix and match!

Flatlock Tee (158HKD) + Basic SS Tee (158HKD) + Hong Kong Side Split Tee (205HKD - 25%)

Heavy Terry Joggers (355HKD) + Front Zip Windbreaker (394HKD)

+ Hong Kong Side Split Tee (205HKD - 25%)

Shop By colour

Our products come in different colours and everyone can find something that fits them. The four main colours on our garments are red, black, grey and white. Each colour carry windbreaker, tees, and shorts. Have a look at the different colours and hopefully you find something that you would be proud to gift! 


Outfit inspiration

We have everything you need for the current season and can get the whole outfit with us.

Front Zip Windbreaker (394HKD) - Hong Kong Side Split Tee (205HKD - 25% when purchasing more than 2 items) - Woven Pocket Joggers (315HKD)

Front Zip Windbreaker (394HKD) - Flatlock Tee (158HKD) - Heavy Terry Joggers (355HKD)

Heavy Terry Joggers (355HKD) - Basic SS Tee FW20 (158HKD)


Favourite Tees!

A giving a tee for gift will never go wrong! We have lots of different styles, colours and fits. Here is some of our favourites! 

Basic SS Tee FW20 - 158HKD 


Basic SS Tee SS20 - 119HKD

Shoulder Patch Pocket Tee - 158HKD

Stripe Pocket Tee - 76HKD


What to give to someone who have everything? Underwear is something everyone needs and we have loads of different patterns that would fit either your dad, boyfriend, husband, friends or simply yourself. Here is some of our favourites!

Cotton Pattern Trunk (Map Army Green) 103HKD

Cotton Pattern Trunk (Vangogh Red) 103HKD


Cotton Pattern Trunk (Casino Blue) - [MIGO Menswear]

Cotton Pattern Trunk (Casino Blue) 103HKD


Cotton Pattern Trunk (Fireworks Black) - [MIGO Menswear]

Cotton Pattern Trunk (Fireworks Black) 103HKD


We hope our gift guide help you and makes the gift shopping easier, smoother and problem free!

Merry Christmas!

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