Top 20 Christmas songs that sets the mood for Christmas

Top 20 Christmas songs that sets the mood for Christmas

Christmas is here and how to get the ultimate Christmas feeling, listening to music! Music is a huge part of this joyous season. There are endless options when it comes to good Christmas music, and all different genres. There is basically something for everyone. No matter what language, style and mood, there will be a Christmas song for you. I will recommend my top 20 Christmas songs that have all been a part of my Christmas celebration. The songs also make me set the Christmas mood, and especially this year. 

Christmas music has always been a huge part of my Christmas since I was small. Ever since I was small my parents and especially my dad have loved to play Christmas music in the car. As Christmas is a time when a lot of things are happening like shopping, dinner parties, events etc, a lot of time is spent in the car and that is where my family would listen to music. We had a couple of CDs in the car that played on repeat for about 2 months and the lyrics have burned into my brain. Even though we know all the songs word by word, it would never be real Christmas without them. So I have included some of these songs in this list, as well as newer music and songs I have found in the last years. I hope you enjoy my list and get the Christmas spirit. 

Home for Christmas - Maria Mena 

This song is only a couple of years old but has become one of my favourite Christmas songs. As I live far away from my family, this song reminds me of the happiness of going home for Christmas to visit my friends and family. The song really describes the need to go home for Christmas. The song is a soundtrack from a Norwegian movie which is about Christmas and has won the hearts of the majority of Norwegians.

All i want for Christmas is you - Mariah Carey

We have all been there, in love during Christmas. And which other song to send to your crush, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend to tell them how much you want them. This song is just the ultimate gesture.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - Michael Buble

There is only one concert I will ever watch on TV, and that is the concert of Michael Buble. His voice is the definition of Christmas, and he is probably born only for Christmas. This is also one of the times during Christmas the whole family will gather just to listen to him (and maybe look at him too).

Himmel på jord - Kurt Nilsen

This song is in Norwegian, but I think anyone who listens to it will fall in love with it. The lyrics are of classic Christmas spirit and make you feel grateful for the things you have. The voice of the artist is Norway's answer to Michael Buble.

Mistletoe - Justin Bieber 

Who would admit they like Justin Bieber, right? But, this song is a hit among most people. We all know the feeling of wanting to kiss someone under the mistletoe and this song really set words to the feeling.

Driving home for Christmas - Chris Rea 

Again, nothing is like going home for Christmas. This is another classic about going home for Christmas and the excitement about seeing familiar faces after a long time away from each other.

Last Christmas - Wham

Again it's all about love and pop. This song for me is the perfect mix of Christmas and pop. It is fun and touching at the same time. Christmas is the season where a lot of feelings come through and it's the time to get it all out, either by singing or giving your heart away.


Snowman - Sia
At first this song may seem happy or maybe even sad, but as I see it it's a song about love. It's about how people need each other to thrive and to stand by each other when there's difficult times.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas - Sam Smith / Frank Sinatra
There are many different versions of the song, but my favourites are from Sam Smith and Frank Sinatra. One is modern and funky, the other one is classic and magical. The song from Sam Smith sets a good mood with friends while getting ready for Christmas, but the one from Frank Sinatra is giving the magical feeling of Christmas, like falling snow, being a kid opening presents and decorating the tree.

Santa tell me - Ariana Grande

Another Christmas song mixed with modern pop. This is one of my favourite newer Christmas songs, just because its modern, fun and Christmasy. Of course it's also about love during Xmas. Which is what everyone wants right?

Feliz Navidad - Jose Feliciano

This song is on my list because it makes me happy, it's just a joy to listen to. It is also the first song I learned in Spanish class, because of its simple lyrics. So if you are in a bad mood, listen to this song and you will definitely become a happier soul.

O helga natt - Nils Bech

This is a Swedish song originally made in the 1800s. The song is Christian inspired but a classic among everyone in Norway. Its a quiet and powerful song. Even though it is in another language, it will forever be on my top Christmas song list. I always sing this song and joke a bit but this is not a song we joke about in my family, because it is so special and with a lot of meaning.

Rudolph the red nose deer - dean martin  
This song is just pure happiness and kindness. This song always makes me smile, not only because it has the Christmas spirit but also because it is a song about Rudolph and how special he is. Being different is not bad!

Happy xmas (war is over) - Celine Dion

A Christmas list would not be complete without the queen herself. Not only is Celine’s voice a dream, but the lyric is perfect. I also think that this song really reflect the year of 2020, we have been through a lot of struggles this year and now we look forward to Christmas with joy, no matter who you are and we are getting ready for the new year (Which we hope will be better!).

Blue Christmas - Elvis

This song is just on my list because it's a family favourite. It is also a bit more funny to listen to and happy songs. It also reminds me of cartoons and happy times.

Silent Night -  Various artists

I think everyone has their favourite for this song, as almost every artist out there has sung it at least once. I really love this song, just because it is the symbol of Christmas. The original or the most popular version is from Bing Crosby is definitely one of my top 5 for this song. Other artists include Justin Bieber, Mahalia Jackson, Elvis Presley and Josh Groban.

Christmas Vacation - Dominik Hauser and Katie Campell

This song is a less famous song, but EXTREMELY important in my family. This is the opening song of a famous movie called National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. My family watches this movie every year before Christmas eve, and I always sing this song when the movie is starting. When this song starts, it is a holiday. It's the start signal for Christmas vacation and holiday.

Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - The Jackson 5

I have always loved Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5. And this song is just sweet and innocent.  The song reminds me of that one time I heard mom call someone on Christmas Eve and said “you can come now”. Some time after the “Santa Clause” came to our house.

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

This song is purely just a simple, happy and joyful song that I enjoy listening to. This is also a song that different artists have made their own, so there are endless styles and varieties.  

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! - Dean Martin

This song is similar as one Norwegian song about the snow falling. The reason I mention this is that when the first snow is falling before Christmas, me and my best friend text each other, let it snow, and we end up texting the whole song. This is one of my favourite memories of the winter season.


Which songs do you listen to on repeat during Christmas?   

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