What to watch on Netflix in November

What to watch on Netflix in November

It's November, and it is a long and cold month leading up to Christmas. If you spend time inside this month, Netflix got you covered and can keep you entertained. This month theres a lot of new things added to your love/hate relationship streaming service. It will finally be added Christmas movies that can get you in the Christmas mood! Here are some top picks for your cozy-indoor November!

Tiger King Season 2 - 17. November

Your favourite big cat documentary series is BACK! We have all been missing the drama of the big cat people and we all want the answer on what happened to Carol's previous husband. Hopefully this season will reveal that! 

Red Notice - 12. November 

A criminal is wanted by Interpol and an FBI agent pair up with two criminals to fine the wanted one. A fun movie with two favourite actors, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds! Could not be better right? 

A Boy Called Christmas - 24. November

Get ready for Christmas with this cute and dreamy movie! A boy is looking for his father that is looking for the elf village. Get dreamy with talking reindeer and light snow!

True Story - 24. November 

 A successful man that is living the dream as a celebrity, but suddenly end up in trouble. Played by Kevin Heart and Wesley Snipes, this will be a movie you wont forget! 

Hellbound - 19. November 

Can this new Korean Netflix-series live up to the previous hit Squid Game? What would you do if you got a message telling you the exact date you will die? And to make things worst, monsters hunting you for your soul. This Korean horror series might be the new Squid Game or maybe Train to Busan. 

What will you watch this November? 

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