5 last hikes to do before the humidity sets in

5 last hikes to do before the humidity sets in

The winter have been long in Hong Kong this year, with comfortable temperatures and sunlight. This year most Hong Kongers have tried hiking, and it has become a normal thing to see pictures of on instagram. However, the Hong Kong summer heat is just right around the corner, which means unbearable hikes. So its time to take advantage of the last month with comfortable temperatures. Here are some hikes that is worth going once more or some hikes less know.   

High Junk Peak Clear Water Bay Trail

Distance: 8.5 km

Duration: 3.5 h

Difficulty: Difficult

The hike will give magnificent views of Clear Water Bay. The top is pointing up and easy to spot from a distance. Start your hike at Ng Fai Bus Stop, start at the stairs and the then follow the trail. The top is at 344m and not the most high hike but  definitely a striking one.

Sharp Peak

Distance: 11.7 km

Duration: 3.5-6 h

Difficulty: Demanding

This hike have a great view of Sai Kung and is a spectacular hike. It will require you to climb and you have to deal with unstable terrain. Therefore, be careful when choosing this route. When reaching the top, you will se beautiful beaches, the country park and wonderful blue water. Get to the trail by bus 94 from Sai Kung Pier.

Suicide cliff 

Distance: 10 km

Duration: 4 +/- h

Difficulty: Moderate

This hike is a hike with a stunning view of Hong Kong. The name comes from a big cliff which hangs out from the mountain side. The hike itself give a 360 degree view of Hong Kong, which is epic!  Start the hike from City One MTR station and end up at Fai Ngo Shan Road or start from Choi Hung MTR station. The top point of the hike is 600 meter. 

Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak


Distance: 15.5 km

Duration: 5.5-6.5 h

Difficulty: Difficult

It is said that Lantau Peak and Sunset Peak is one of the toughest hikes in Hong Kong. It is a combination hike of both Sunset Peak and Lantau Peak, they can also be done separately. Sunset peak is 800M and Lantau Peak is 934M high on its highest point. Enjoy the view of the whole Lantau Island and if it is a clear day you can see over to Macau and Mainland. Take the bus up to the beginning of the hike or start at Big Buddha.

Twin Peaks

Distance: 4.8 km

Duration: 2.5-3 h

Difficulty: Difficult

It is not a very long hike but a hike with good views and a suitable length for half day. Start at Wong Nai Chung Gap Road and end up in Stanley. Start early for a good lunch in Stanley or catch the sunset and get the golden hour (which we all know is amazing in HK). The highest point of the hike is at Violet Hill, which is at 433 meter above sea.

Hopefully one or a few of this catched your interest to explore the nature before it gets too hot! Share your moments with us usiing the hashtag #homeishongkong and we will share your amazing Hong Kong moments!  

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