The A-Z of MIGO (Part 2)

The A-Z of MIGO (Part 2)

Taking MIGO identity to the next level, here's an alphabetical rundown of MIGO Style, brought to you by #TeamMIGO, our A-Z contains all the sartorial multitudes of MIGO and Gen Z. What letter best describes your style? Comment below!


Jacket MIGO Menswear

When gusty winds swirl, pop on our Front Zip Windbreaker for a light layer of stylish protection you can adjust at the hem and hood.


KOL MIGO Menswear

The future of work: millennials and Gen Z pick online KOL opportunities over traditional jobs - no more office nine-to-five


 livestream MIGO Menswear

In the digital age, Live Streaming is not patent to big tv channels and broadband anymore. Everyone can do it with their smartphone in hand. 

Minority MIGO Menswear

Central to the rights of minorities are the promotion and protection of their identity. Promoting and protecting their identity prevents forced assimilation and the loss of cultures, religions and languages—the basis of the richness of the world and therefore part of its heritage. The "Black Lives Matters" movement and other protests across the world reminded us how important of it and the world still long way to go towards equality.


Netflix MIGO Menswear

2020 (and 2021 continuously)  has been filled with dalgona coffee, zoom meetings, Netflix, work from home, exploring the home country, restrictions and the biggest of them all COVID-19. During the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic when many cinemas around the world were closed, Netflix acquired 16 million new subscribers, which almost doubles the result of the final months of 2019.


Original MIGO Menswear

Whether worn with jeans, casual chinos or summery shorts – the graphic print on the Basic SS Tee made of pure cotton makes it stylish and eye-catching. A original graphic tee is essential to your minimalist wardrobe.


Passport MIGO Menswear

Passport and BNO in particular has became the hottest local headline and every Hongkongers know why. Cherish every moment with those you love at every stage of your journey because there are the things that money can't buy.


Quarantine MIGO Menswear

It's all about finding the calm in the chaos. you are not stuck at home, but doing a huge favour to the society and keeping all your loved one safe.


Research MIGO Menswear

"Google is my rapid response research assistant. it's the Swiss Army knife of information retrieval" - Lloyd Grove


to be continue....
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