The A-Z of MIGO (Part 1)

The A-Z of MIGO (Part 1)

Taking MIGO identity to the next level, here's an alphabetical rundown of MIGO Style, brought to you by #TeamMIGO, our A-Z contains all the sartorial multitudes of MIGO sprite, value and Gen Z. What letter best describes your style? Comment below! 


Athletic MIGO Menswear

Tokyo Olympic just ended and Paralympic is coming very soon, who doesn't got abscess with the exciting game and the excellent performance of all the athletes!

Black MIGO Menswear

A fantastic basic for a good base: Hong Kong Side Split Tee with serval special print details made of high-quality cotton will make your heart beam with delight, your wardrobe will too.

Cargo shorts MIGO Menswear

Stay cool and comfortable in a pair of cargo shorts. Our Reversed Cargo Shorts with a semi-slim fit design will take you from the city to the beautiful nature.

Dare to dream MIGO Menswear

MIGO started in 2014 with a dream to create high-end street style menswear brand with inspiration from Hong Kong. Our home is Hong Kong and we are proud of our culture and heritage. MIGO values the freedom of self-expression through fashion.

East meet west MIGO Menswear

Everywhere you go in Hong Kong, you will hardly miss the unique symbol of the city's integration of East and West a complex and multicultural atmosphere that makes it such a unique style and that is one of the strong elements appears in our collection.

Fencing MIGO Menswear

Who doesn't get excited about our second gold olympic medalist Cheung Ka Long in Male Fencing. It was an extremely exciting game that touched every HongKonger!!

Gen-Z MIGO Menswear

Generation Z are the first true digital generation, born between 1997 and 2003. They’re progressive and globally-aware. They’re self-starters. They value control and security in an increasingly chaotic world. They’re a 70+ million-strong demographic that’s already shaping the world economy. Talk to the Gen-Z around you, get to know them more, their perspective on things and creatively will blow your mind!!

HongKonger MIGO Menswear

This is all MIGO about, no explanation needed!

Iconic MIGO Menswear

It's never too late to be whoever you want to be. Be yourself and be iconic (like MIGO!!)


to be continue....

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