Places to Chill This Summer!

Places to Chill This Summer!

When summer hits Hong Kong, it's no joke! The heat is unbearable and extreme. Just the though of moving around can make your sweat appear, but dont worry! there is still lots of things to do to make your summer joyful and relaxing. As Hong Kong is a place filled with activities (both indoor and outdoor), food and places to see, there will be something for you even on the hottest days. Here is some of our favourite things to do during summer, and we hope you can chill with us!

Board-game cafes 

Sometimes you just want to sit inside where there is a comfortable AC and chill with friends. Then you should try out some of the city's many board-game cafes! Sitting down with a drink and/or some food while playing some games with friends never goes wrong. Then you can see who is the real competitor and who is a bad loser. There is many places that offer board-games combined with food and drinks. Some places you have to pay hourly and other offer packages. 

Weat and Wood


The booming cafe culture in Hong Kong comes at the perfect time! Summer is a good time to just sit down with a book, a Netflix movie on the phone or a chat with friends while enjoying a good cup of coffee. There is unlimited options in cafes around the city these days and more appearing every week. Some accounts on Instagram for your inspiration: 

 Ice rink

What sounds better that beating the heat on the Ice Rink? A cold atmosphere to beat the heat! However, because of covid-19 there is restrictions when it comes to public opening hours. The easiest way to get on the ice could be to join a class, maybe it is the time to learn how to play hockey?

Cooking workshops

Want to stay indoor and try something new? Why not try going to a cooking class? There are no limitations to what you can learn to cook! Many centers offer cooking class packages depending on what you want to learn, how much you want to spend and your cooking level. Other centers offer single classes. There is cake workshops, pastry workshops, candy, fine dining, European food, Asian food and desserts. Find a course that make your belly happy! 

Papabubble - Candy workshop


So summer is synonym to beaches. With the coastline around the whole city, there will be a beach that is suitable for you. Many beaches in Hong Kong is public and offer lifeguards, showers, toilets and changing rooms. The beaches is the perfect place to hang out with friends and-or family to relax, get a tan and cool down in the water. There is many beaches not maintained by the government but are beautiful! Do some research before going and see if you can find a pearl that is hidden! 

Long Ke Wan 浪茄灣


Finally the bars is open and those which were already open is now open longer! There is a very diverse variety of bars in Hong Kong. Why not go out barhopping and explore the scene with friends this summer? Cool down it a beer, fancy cocktail or a glass of wine. Many bars have outdoor seating with fans so you can enjoy the outdoors while not dying at the same time. 

Terrible Baby - Eaton - Jordan


Even though the sun is burning and the humidity is too high to be mentioned, the parks can offer a breeze. There is also parks that offers natural shadows for you to relax in. 

 Victoria Peak Garden

 Mall walking

We have all done it, mall walking during summer. Actually we don't need anything at the mall, but want to go for a walk without sweating. With so many malls in Hong Kong, there is many places to go, but of course some malls is more fun to walk around than others. 

 K11 Musea

 Boat trip

In Hong Kong junk boat trips is popular during the summer months in Hong Kong. There is many companies that offers different packages. It is the perfect place for your friends to hang out for a day, sunbath, swim, eat and drink. Being on the sea gives a good breez and you can wear your swimwear. However, dont forget the small ferry rides around Hong Kong that can give you a little break during the weekdays! 


So what do you do to relax, chill and stay cool during Hong Kong summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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