Easing of social distancing rules in Hong Kong

Easing of social distancing rules in Hong Kong

The government have announced that the social distancing rules in Hong Kong will be eased starting from February 18! This means that dine-in is allowed until 10pm and 4 people can be seated on one table. Government services will return to normal, as well as other services like gyms, gaming arcades, beauty and massage parlours, bowling alleys, gyms, amusement parks and ice skating rinks. However, all these premisses need to comply with additional infection-control measures. 


After months of no dinner out, the time has finally arrived! Dine-in for dinner is allowed! However, still at 50% capacity. All restaurants can be open until 10 pm starting from February 18. However, it's important to still keep distance, and it's only allowed to be four people per table. 

When dining-in the guests need to either scan the LeaveHomeSafe QR code or give their contact information to the restaurant. It is also required to take temperature check and wear mask when entering the premises, when ordering and after the meal. 

Search around on Instagram and find the perfect restaurant to break the dinner dine-in restriction! 


Gyms and other sports facilities

Another good news is that the gyms finally opens again, with many other sports facilities. Again the guests are required to use the LeaveHomeSafe app when entering the premises. 

Remember, a lot of people will go to the gyms this week, prepare yourself! 


Beauty and Massage Parlour 

 After months of being closed the different type of beauty and massage parlours can open! Here as other places customers is required to check temperature and use the LeaveHomeSafe or leave their information. Barbershops and hair salons will keep running as usual. 

Other venues like theme park, game centres, bowling alleys and ice skating rinks

The leisure venues have been closed since December 2, but on February 18 these premisses is allowed to be reopened. This includes Ocean Park and Disneyland, however, there is no official opening date confirmed yet. 

However, premisses like cinema, game centres, libraries, museums and bowling alleys and ice skating rinks will be opened. Again with some infection-control measures. 

Remain closed and restricted

Even though there is many eases on restrictions, some will remain strict. Government beaches will remain closed, as well as swimming pools both public and private. Wedding ceremonies are still allowed, but under same restrictions as before, maximum 20 people, no food or drinks and maximum six people per table. Traveling in and out of Hong Kong is still difficult and the quarantine is still 21 days. And people wanting to travel from Britain to Hong Kong will still be denied entrance to HK. Venues such as bars, clubs, party rooms and karaoke launches.  

What are you most excited for? Going to gym, dining with friends or visiting Disneyland? 


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