Don't miss out on the blood moon 26th May!

Don't miss out on the blood moon 26th May!

This coming Wednesday a world wonder will happen! It is going to be an epic eclipse that will transform the moon into blood red. It's something that happens once every few years, so this is something to take some time to watch. But where to watch it, how to see it, why does it happen, how long will it last and the biggest question, WHEN? Don't worry, we got you covered! 

Why does it happen? 

The thing that happens when there is a lunar eclipse is that the full moon will enter the shadow of earth. This will make the moon appear bigger and brighter. This eclipse is also called a super moon, which means that the moon is at the closes point to earth. Its therefor closer to us than usual and will appear even bigger! 

Titbits about lunar eclipse

Why is it red? 

One of the reasons why this eclipse is special is because the moon will get a copper colour, which is seldom. This can be explained by science. The sun gives out light with all colours, and the gas around the earth that makes up the atmosphere make the blue waves of light scatter and thats why the sky looks blue, and the sunrise and sunset looks red. However, when there is an eclipse the light will be bent when it reach the atmosphere and bent towards the moon and the blue light is filtered out. This is why the moon will look red. 


Where to see it? 

It will be possible to see it everywhere in the world, however to a different degree. The places with the most intense eclipse will be Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Hawaii. However, the asian countries will get to see an intense eclipse, so we are in the perfect position to see the moon moving in and out of the shadow of the earth. 

How long will it last? 

So the whole eclipse have different stages. The total eclipse is 5 hours and 2 minutes, however the red colour will last much shorter. For Hong Kong the total eclipse (red colour) start 18:56, reach maximum at 19:18 and ends 19:25. The main part of the eclipse will only last for around 15 minutes, so plan ahead to catch the special scenery! 

Figure 1   The total lunar eclipse process on May 26, 2021

How to see it? 

It will be visible from all over Hong Kong. However, find a spot that have a clear view of the eclipse, this will really emphasise the experience and the special moment! This is the perfect night for a date, see something that happens only a few times in a lifetime with someone special. Here is some suggested places to see the special moon! 

West Kowloon Cultural Park



Sky 100 

 Mong Kok East Bridge

Hong Kong Space Museum YouTube

 Typhoon Shelters 



 Where will you go to see the moon? 


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