Social enterprises in Hong Kong

Social enterprises in Hong Kong

There is a huge number of social enterprises in Hong Kong. But what is a social enterprise? It is defined in many ways but the general idea is that the business has a target to achieve specific social objectives through different strategies like entrepreneurial strategies or self-sustaining operations. There is also a requirement that more than 65% of the profit must be used to reinvest in the business to achieve the social objective.  

People have different social objectives they want to solve, and there are unlimited ways to get the goal. Finding a social enterprise in Hong Kong is easy and anyone can use the different services to give back to the community. To give an idea of how you can contribute to these social enterprises and the social issues they are working on, we have made a list of some of the enterprises that you can enjoy services from. 

Oxfarm -

Provides a one-stop shopping platform, sells fair trade and organic products and encourages ethical consumption; employment opportunities are provided for the ethnic minorities, women and elderly, etc.

CookEasy 煮餸易 -

Serving as a pick-up store for food packs, it also sells fresh, healthy yet convenient food packs, health beverages, sour pig's knuckles, soup packs, dried fruits and seasonings

Dream Walker - Adventure Event Planning -

Organises and provides a variety of adventure programmes, including team building competitions, companies' annual events, staff development days, low event rope challenges, guided tour to Ma Wan, orienteering, other adventure training, etc.

SEPD Home Market Store (Kwun Tong) -

Mainly sells cereals, oil, other groceries and household items, as well as providing low-cost daily necessities

Y Fitness -

Provides fitness training for the elderly, middle-aged women and health-conscious people; also aims to train young people to become fitness trainers so as to provide them with opportunities of employment and self-enhancement

The olive leaf -

Provides floral arrangement services and floral products, such as bouquets, potted plants, flower baskets, silk flowers, gift hampers, event decoration, gardening decoration and workshops etc.; employment opportunities are provided for low-income earners

Times Multimedia Innovation Ltd -

Provides professional production services for companies in need of advertising, production of exhibition booths or holding of promotion activities, and offers professional job-related training and job opportunities to disadvantaged groups

Health and Beauty -

Provision of professional and quality personal care services (including beauty treatment, nail therapy, party make-up, full body massage, aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage, hot stone massage, etc.) for residents and workers in the Central and Western District, as well as sale of body care and health products. 

Cafe 8 - 

Serves coffee, tea, herbal tea, hot chocolate, decaffeinated beverages, juice, set lunch, light snacks, salad, pies, sandwiches, cakes, etc., and provides dinner gathering and party booking services

Do you want to find more social enterprises that fit your need? Follow this lik ( and find a full list of the different companies out there and their different services. 

And did you know that OpenRice have a own search word for social enterprises, so you can easily find a restaurant that is a social enterprise. 

Do you know any good social enterprises you would like to share with us? Feel free to comment!

Social enterprises in Hong Kong

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